I Like Complexity

I like N because he is a very complex person. When he opens his mouth, I never know what he is going to say. He’s always studying arcane, unpredictable subjects and develops the strangest hobbies. 

He has very Spartan tastes and still wears the clothes he had when we first met. He’s never had a smartphone and is using a 5-year-old cell he bought at Walmart for $20. And I can’t convince him to let go of a laptop that’s older than our marriage and get a new one because he says it’s still quite usable.

Yet today we went to pick out eyeglasses for him and he chose Salvatore Ferragamo frames. And it wasn’t by mistake. He knows the brand. I supported the choice because he looks sensational in them. 


3 thoughts on “I Like Complexity”

  1. Wow, what an image you bring up!

    A $20 cellphone, twelve-year-old clothes, and $300 Salvatore Ferragamo glasses. N must look like a real bohemian professor, a vaunted academic who isn’t afraid to stand above the pack and defy conventional fashion while flaunting his own style.

    Surely you’re going to post some (at least “protected”) pictures.

    (I’d post some pics of my own, but my $15 reading glasses from the base exchange at the local Air Force Base just make me look like a dour accountant who should have retired years ago!)


  2. So N is a function over form guy? If he just needs to make phone calls, a regular cell phone is quite adequate. If you don’t change your style and the clothes are durable why get new ones? And of course, the big OS companies keep messing with their OS so if the laptop works well for his purposes, why get a new laptop?
    But if you need new glasses and have a prescription, absolutely get designer frames that flatter your face, are comfortable to wear and can accommodate your prescription. My glasses are the most expensive thing I wear every single day from the moment I wake up to the minute I go to bed.


    1. I’m very glad he’s not one of those people who are glued to their smartphones all the time. I’m one of them, and I’m so annoying! We definitely don’t need two such maniacs here.


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