My First Halloween

So yesterday was the first time I went trick-or-treating. It wasn’t supposed to be done yesterday. We went out for a walk and got swept up in the general excitement. Klara absolutely loved it. She doesn’t understand the concept of candy yet but she enjoyed seeing so many people out in the streets. “More people!” she’d say whenever we found ourselves in a less busy street. “More again! More again people!” It’s very strange to think that N and I produced a sociable child. 

I discovered that Halloween is a male thing. Men put portable fire pits outside and sit next to them with candy for the kids and beer for themselves. Some have buddies over, roll out huge screens, and watch sports or news. Even crusty old bachelors do it, which is very cute. 

All Klara wanted to do this morning was to talk about trick-or-treaters. She will be in the school parade today and then they’ll have a party. What a great holiday.


4 thoughts on “My First Halloween”

  1. But what was, or is, Klara’s costume? Did you have a costume?

    The fire pit sounds like a great idea. Much more fun than sitting by the door with a book or a smartphone or jumping up every time the doorbell rings.


  2. Well, it’s past midnight in Arizona, officially ending the actual traditional October 31 Halloween trick-or-treating period for the U.S., and for the third year in a row, no kids have come to my door.

    Which is great news: It means that over the next month or so I can eat the two bags of delicious “Snickers”-brand candy bars that I bought MYSELF, and get all the peanut, chocolate, and sugar dietary requirements that my 72-year-old body needs without having to cook real food to do it.

    (I’d share with my cat, but alas, felines can’t taste sweets and chocolate can be fatal to their system. I’ll just let her watch while I eat — she seems to enjoy that, anyway.)


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