The union leader says the strike is the last resort and nobody wants to strike. And I’m like, hey, I totally want to strike. I’ve never struck and I want the experience. I don’t know why people are so afraid of striking. Especially in an egregious situation like ours. 


2 thoughts on “Pro-strike”

  1. The big thing when my mom’s union threatened to strike is that you don’t get paid. If you’re not in a good financial situation then depending on how long the strike goes on, it can really wreck you. There’s also a lot of vitriol heaped on the people who don’t strike, no matter what the reason is.


  2. I am a union rep for my academic department (in the UK). I am 100% pro-union and in the time I’ve been in my job (5 years), we have had to strike on a few occasions. I’m not going to lie: working the picket line is pretty fun. But not getting paid for a day sucks, especially when strikes stretch out over multiple days, which most do. I still do it more or less happily, though!

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