What?? There will be no more House of Cards because Kevin Spacey might have bumped into somebody back in 1988? 

Why not cancel all Hollywood movies instead since Weinstein is a proven dick and all of Hollywood was complicit? Why cancel a good show instead?

Is this simply an excuse and the show is cancelled because of Trump?


4 thoughts on “HofC”

  1. I feel kinda ambivalent about the Kevin Spacey situation. Should he have come on to the kid? No, of course not. But other than that, Spacey didn’t really do anything, from what I understand. Meanwhile, women are being raped and sexually assaulted in Hollywood and elsewhere.

    Another problem is the conflation of sexual assault with rape. If I understand the concept of sexual assault correctly, touching another person without consent in a way that could be interpreted as sexual can legally be considered sexual assault, right? (I am thinking of the stories about protests where one protestor touches a protestor from the other side, who then claims it was “assault.”) But these days it seems a lot of people treat sexual assault and rape as synonyms, and as a result, there is a failure to distinguish between rape and very minor “assaults.” I’m not trying to defend or minimize “minor” sexual assault, but there’s clearly a difference between rape and an unwanted kiss. (I can only imagine that it would be horrible for a rape survivor to mention her sexual assault and then hear another women say that she too was sexually assaulted when a man tried to kiss her without warning.)

    Finally, once the Harvey Weinstein story became news, some male actors also came out to state how they understood what women were dealing with because they too had been sexually assaulted. Like the actor from Dawson’s Creek (James van der Beek) who tweeted about how his ass had been grabbed by someone in Hollywood. Can men be victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape? Of course. But let’s not forget that this is a serious problem whose primary targets are women, and these acts are used under patriarchy to put women in their place and subordinate them.


    1. The guy repeatedly called what happened with Spacey “a sexual advance.” Which is light years away from assault. This simply means Spacey got drunk and came on to somebody who was clearly considered by everybody old enough to hang out with adults at drunken parties. There is no issue whatsoever here.

      I have no doubt there’s horrible pedophilia all over Hollywood. But this story is not about that.


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