Scary Bunny

And as a very special treat, here is a picture of the scariest bunny in our neighborhood who slaughtered everybody with her cuteness:

Her favorite Halloween treat was a lamb samosa. I never thought she’d want a very spicy samosa but she literally tore it out of my mouth and devoured more than a half. 

5 thoughts on “Scary Bunny”

  1. Ah, Clarissa, you had to post a picture like this so late relative to this old man’s bedtime! This picture brings back so many images from my past: Images of tiny neighborhood children whom adult neighbors trusted to me to led their toddlers around dark Halloween rural Tennessee paths; the Presbyterian Church toddlers that I volunteered as a teenager to oversee during adult Church Hour because I found the sermons and the hymns totally boring; the half a dozen cousin children 10-to-15 years younger than I was who worshiped me as their “big cousin” before they grew up; and even my 42-year-old niece, who once repeatedly said, “I wish you lived with us, Uncle Dreidel,” and now never writes or communicates.

    Decades ago, I chose the path I wanted to walk, totally on my own, never depending on, or assuming care for any other human being — and I stand by that choice, which has served me VERY well.

    But now and then, a picture comes along that somehow punches me right in the gut, and (totally not your fault) you just posted one.

    (Don’t worry about it — I’ll be back to the old Dreidel in the morning.)


  2. Adorable! So she doesn’t have N’s sweet tooth ?
    (My dad would dip into my Halloween candy haul. He thought I wouldn’t notice.)



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