It’s very sad to be working at a school whose leader uses the word “disruption” in an entirely serious, non-sarcastic manner. The previous Chancellor quoted Lean In at us and was shocked to discover that people in China “speak like a totally different language and many of them don’t even understand English!”

We like totally need to disrupt the process of hiring that was used to bring us these geniuses. We are an institution of higher learning and not an asylum for the severely intellectually challenged. What’s next? They are going to pee on the floor and sniff the urine?

One thought on “Genuises”

  1. Yes, I can see why you’d regard such an individual as simple, or far too provincial to be leading a university.
    “People speak different languages in different countries” is the level of insight I’d expect from a freshman who came from a one-stoplight town with no access to the outside world.


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