The Rich Are Different

Folks, you’ve got to read this. It’s out of this world funny:

One of the first Hum professors to request that RAR not occupy the classroom was Lucía Martínez Valdivia, who said her preexisting PTSD would make it difficult to face protesters. In an open letter, RAR offered sympathy to Martínez Valdivia but then accused her of being anti-black, discriminating against those with disabilities, and engaging in gaslighting—without specifying those charges. When someone asked for specifics, a RAR leader replied, “Asking for people to display their trauma so that you feel sufficiently satisfied is a form of violence.”

But another RAR member did offer a specific via Facebook: “The​ ​appropriation​ ​of​ ​AAVE [African American Vernacular English]​ ​on​ ​her​ ​shirt​ ​during​ ​lecture:​ ​‘Poetry​ ​is​ ​lit’ ​is​ ​a​ ​form​ ​of​ ​anti-blackness.”

It gets even better after this. 

Funny rich kids. 

4 thoughts on “The Rich Are Different”

  1. I wonder if these are alt-right trolls in disguise, because this kind of crap can only push people to the opposite direction.
    But it’s more likely just plain stupidity mixed with good intentions, and here’s this twisted fable’s moral: “An imprudent friend often does as much mischief by his too great zeal as the worst enemy could effect by his malice.”


    1. They are rich, entitled bullies. There are no good intentions here. All youth groups have bullying but here it’s been allowed to flourish unchecked. Note that the author of the article also refuses to name what is actually happening.


  2. In my opinion, this is all really sad. I wish students and their parents had demanded last year that the administration take immediate action to ban the protestors from the classroom. If I were a student, I would have had a hard time trying to learn in this classroom full of protestors, even though they were silent and just holding signs last year. Tuition is expensive, and the protests basically ruined an entire course that enrolled students or their parents paid for.

    Also, from the article: “[our] work is just as important as the work of the faculty, so we were going to introduce ourselves as well.” Um…no. You, as students, do not have the educational background or knowledge about the subjects being taught in the course, so your work is clearly less important than that of the faculty–in fact, your work is almost irrelevant.


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