Too Little Too Late

Donna Brazile is so disgusting:

Bernie took this stoically. He did not yell or express outrage. Instead he asked me what I thought Hillary’s chances were. The polls were unanimous in her winning but what, he wanted to know, was my own assessment?

I had to be frank with him. I did not trust the polls, I said. I told him I had visited states around the country and I found a lack of enthusiasm for her everywhere. I was concerned about the Obama coalition and about millennials.

Of course, now it turns out she has such a brilliant political mind that she knew Hillary was going to lose. Nobody knew yet she did. It’s easy to claim prescience now, of course, because it costs nothing. 

The party leadership had nobody but whiny, weak, pathetic losers. What use is any of this (and other) shit now? I want to hear what the plan is finally to win something in the future. I don’t care about this idiotic squabbling about the past. It’s been a year since the election was lost. Since then, we’ve heard nothing but excuses, moaning and blaming everybody else. If anybody is aware of any new, fresh ideas advanced by the DNC or anybody in the party, please let me know. For now, what I’m seeing is beyond pathetic.

2 thoughts on “Too Little Too Late”

  1. The one thing that stands out is how so much of the DNC budget is used to pay off the utterly useless consultant class instead of actual political action on the ground.

    Fuck these people.


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