Across the Ocean

Or here is another example. A fellow wrote a good, intelligent, passionate post in defense of gay rights. And he was shredded into pieces because he used an incorrect word for gay. Mind you, not an offensive word. A grammatically incorrect one that constitutes the (not a, the) popular usage. 

The reason why people use this possibly grammatically incorrect term is that they haven’t spent much time on activist websites and don’t speak the current language of this activism. There was clearly no bad intention, the fellow apologized profusely several times, but nothing was enough. In the end, he deleted the post and made the blog subscription only. 

We’ve all seen and experienced it here but what slaughters me is how fast this shit travelled across the ocean. 

3 thoughts on “Across the Ocean”

  1. Right now some idiots in my city are making a big kerfuffle over a mayoral candidate using the term “sexual preference” instead of “sexual orientation.” I’m gay and this is the first time I’m hearing about this being bad. Someone else pointed out that Jim Obergefell (guy from the Supreme Court gay marriage case) used the term in a recent statement, and one person said that Obergefell just doesn’t know it’s offensive yet.


  2. May I ask what the term was (in Russian)?

    It’s probably because of feeling a bit overwhelmed now with work and other matters, but I simply don’t understand how normal adults can have energy for work, family, activism and policing well-meaning people on-line on top of all that.

    I think the “police” both in the West and in Russia is composed of failures in their “real” lives, who project their aggression on-line on soft targets, trying to feel better about themselves and more important than they are to anybody in reality.

    Apologizing to them is like giving blood to sharks in the hope they will get enough and swim away. A correct reaction from my pov could be writing what you wrote in your two posts and then responding with aggression to aggression. Those people don’t go to Trump supporters after all, but see progressives as soft targets. Putting them in their place cannot be too hard.


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