Now They Wake Up

Kremlin-backed support for Donald Trump’s candidacy over social media began much earlier than previously known, a new analysis of Twitter data shows. Russian Twitter accounts posing as Americans began lavishing praise on Mr. Trump and attacking his rivals within weeks after he announced his bid for the presidency in June 2015.

Not weeks. Days. As I said on this blog immediately. And people called me crazy but that’s ok. 

Kevin Drum takes a stab at some of the reasons why they might have chosen to back this gadfly so early in the primary season:It was just a test. Social media manipulation was new to the Russians too, and they figured Trump might make an interesting test of how effective it could be.

I don’t know who this Kevin Drum is but he’s insanely dumb. Social media manipulation was new to the Russians in 2015? What is this loser smoking? Jeez. 

The simple truth of the matter is that Putin supported Trump from day one because Trump is a copy of Putin. They say the same things. They believe the same things. They share the same lifestyle. They belong to the same class of billionaires. That’s all there is to it. 

And Kevin Drum should die of shame for being a gabby little airhead. 

8 thoughts on “Now They Wake Up”

  1. “I don’t know who this Kevin Drum is.”

    Kevin Drum is an aging left-wing liberal loon who has been blogging ever since the early days of the Internet, and you’re right — he’s “insanely dumb.”

    He’s currently a Hillary apologist, stating that she’s always been “honest to a fault when discussing policy.”


    1. I seem to remember Drum as being kind of a sane voice in the early warblogosphere (compared with say the late Steven Den Beste) but I haven’t read him for many years now and it could be that he hasn’t kept up with the times….


  2. Unrelated to the above, but tonight I saw the absolute worse advice on terrorism that I’ve ever heard on any TV channel! There was a steely-eyed “terrorism expert” on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight warning that a new order had arrived in American concerning mass shootings in unexpected places like churches and other social gatherings.

    His advice: From now on, every single American should walk into every single social/business gathering in America with the expectation that a mass shooting might take place, and that person’s initial action should be to glance around in fear, considering the deadly possibilities, and then constantly scan all the room’s entry and exit points, watching fearfully for a gunman, and making plans to flee or take flight. (If you can spare your terrified thoughts for a moment, try to think about the business at hand without ever letting your guard down.)

    Well, I’ve walked into thousands of social/business gatherings over the past 60 years or so without ever worrying if I might be shot. So have you, Clarissa, during your shorter professional life. To suggest that the time has come, as this hysteric claims, that no American can safely go outside or into any building without first making a game plan to avoid being murdered, is beyond absurd. Such madness would destroy the social fabric that that keeps all civilized countries running.

    Fortunately, such mad thoughts will pass quickly — unfortunately along with the reasonable ones like enforcing existing gun check laws and letting them take effect before rushing to enact new ones.


    1. Well, the NRA has been pushing a very similar line of thinking for years. I’ve lived in some pretty remote areas, and I completely understand why people would want to keep a firearm at home. However, I cannot understand why you need to defend your right to open carry, with no license or training required, a weapon into your local Target.

      My co-worker, who is an NRA member, thinks that all of the shootings will stop as soon as everyone is armed all of the time. Of the Vegas massacre, she said to me, straight-faced and in complete sincerity “if only everyone in that crowd had been armed” She didn’t have an answer to my reply of “thousands would be dead?” but she didn’t conceded the point either.


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