The Hostel

Wow, folks, the hotel I’m staying at is the bomb. I have no idea how my husband always manages to get fantastic deals for hotels. And he must have gotten a sensational deal if my cheapskate university agreed to pay for it.

The hotel is called a hostel but it’s a hostel like I’m thin and dainty. A bunch of people who traveled here for the conference were shuttled to their hotels. When we got to mine, everybody exclaimed, “Wow, who’s the millionaire who is staying here??” And I had to disembark with everybody staring at me like I’m some creepy chick from Harvard.

On the even more positive note, people shared that I’m getting the first review for my new book soon. This is super cool because the book just came out and things in academia tend to move slowly.

And I’m still so hyper that I’m out-hypering even the Dominicans. 


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