Bad and Good

God, folks, these cigar men and their obnoxious music. This has been going on since 2 pm and it’s torture. I had to open the windows in my room because I’m drowning in clouds of cigar smoke. People at the conference who are staying elsewhere will think tomorrow that I went out partying because my clothes will reek of cigars. I’m lucky I have a trusting husband because I don’t know how a less trusting man would react to a wife coming home stinking of somebody else’s cigars 

On the positive side, N taught Klara to say “feminist.” Of course, my talk ended up being not in the least feminist. I think it will be the most Marxist talk here. It’s all capital, financial machinations, austerity, class struggle, precarious working conditions, erosion of the welfare state. It’s not my fault that feminist theory hasn’t evolved one bit in the last 30 years. The freshest feminist theorist anybody here managed to quote is from 1993. And I don’t do well with stale ideas. 

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