Day 2 of the Conference

Well, one thing has become abundantly clear. I’m too old for hard-core partying. I’m completely wiped out today, and I wasn’t even at the cigar party.

One funny thing I wanted to mention is that I listened to a talk yesterday where the speaker argued that the TV show Girls is a lot more feminist than Sex and the City. To me, they are both deeply un-feminist but Girls isn’t even fun, unlike S&C. Again, it probably is an age thing but I found Girls to be entirely incomprehensible and couldn’t watch more than an episode. 

This was the only bizarre talk I have heard so far, though. The rest of the talks have been very good. Some of the presenters are very talented speakers and I didn’t even get distracted, which I always do when speakers stare at their papers and drone on. 

I’m speaking today and chairing a session with some very cool people in it. 


4 thoughts on “Day 2 of the Conference”

  1. People confuse “generates a lot of feminist commentary” with “feminist.”
    Why do you think Girls is deeply unfeminist? I could only watch one episode and I found all of the characters unrelatable and insufferable. It made me glad I didn’t spend four years at Oberlin.


    1. It’s like a football game or that Wonder Woman movie or ice-cream. It isn’t about feminism. It exists on a different plane. And that’s neither good nor bad. It just is.

      The characters are insufferable, indeed, which is why I stopped watching. The S&C women were also unrelatable but at least they were appealing and sympathetic to a degree. The zombified, vapid creatures in Girls, though, are like aliens.

      The speaker yesterday said the scene with unsatisfactory sex in the 1st episode of Girls is feminist because finally somebody is saying that sex can be boring and uncomfortable. I had no idea this was a new insight for anybody.


  2. I only watched Sex and the City a couple of times and just didn’t find it to be to my taste. Perhaps if I had watched from the beginning I would have liked it more.

    But Girls? Jesus, I hated it after watching one episode, and when people kept recommending it to me, I was like, “I hope you don’t think of me as the kind of person who would like that inane bullshit.” I was met with blank stares.


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