The current sex abuse scandals are bringing out the weird side of many people. I’m seeing on social media several former grad school colleagues (all male) who are publishing passionate screeds against patriarchy (which would make you howl with laughter if you knew these particular people) and hinting at some Gothic tales of sexual assault taking place at the department while I was there.

I’m all like, hey, bud, the only person back there who made me feel uncomfortable with talk of all the rape scenes you loved in movies and books and needed to describe to me in great detail was you. The only person who constantly referred to women as bitches and worse because they had boyfriends and didn’t want to date you was, again, you. The only male person who crushed an all-female party to tell us about the strippers you visited and mock their physical assets in excruciating detail was you. I’m glad you’ve experienced this huge feminist awakening since then but maybe you should go check the dictionary definition of the word “hypocrisy.”


One thought on “Hypocrisy”

  1. Ah yes, the feminist men in college, whose concern over my isolated Evangelical upbringing began and ended with my disinterest in having casual sex with them.

    “How can you truly say that you’re out from your parents control if you’re still so uptight about everything?”

    Set me back a good few years from thinking feminism/liberal ideals had anything to offer to me, which is a shame.


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