More College Insanity

The best performance of The Good Man from Szechwan I have seen was in Havana. The actors, the director, and everybody in the audience of the small experimental theater that staged the play except me were Afro-Cuban. And the play wasn’t censored. Even in the Communist Cuba it was allowed to run for months! Cuba is very proud of its Chinese-Cuban legacy, by the way. Maybe not the official Cuba but the Cuba of regular folks. 

But for the students at Knox College this play by an anti-fascist – a real anti-fascist – playwright was so intolerable that they insisted on it being cancelled.

It saddens me to say that there is more artistic freedom in goshdarn Cuba of Fidel Castro (this was back in 1999.)


2 thoughts on “More College Insanity”

  1. The crux of western cultures seem to be their propensity for paying lip service to the ethos of “freedom” and “diversity” while actually being quite myopic, judgmental, and often downright dogmatic.


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