Hard-won Wisdom

All my life, I thought it was a great idea to skip breakfast and often lunch, too, and have an enormous dinner instead. And then I discovered that this strategy dramatically increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, especially if you are overweight and/or have family history of diabetes.

People, if you are young, don’t repeat my mistakes. Eat three non-huge meals and two small snacks at the same time every day. 


3 thoughts on “Hard-won Wisdom”

  1. And if that other person’s finances restrict how much and how often they’re able to eat who subsidizes those extra “necessity” meals in the name of “ensuring their future health”?


  2. What if my willpower extends to either a) no breakfast, tiny lunch, enormous dinner or b) enormous breakfast, enormous lunch, enormous dinner?

    Please say the latter is healthier …


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