Blog Q&A

These are some of the many queries that brought people to the blog since Monday.

Question: “i don’t want pets in my house because of the pet hair and smell. how do i explain this to pet lovers without being rude.”

Answer: By saying “I don’t want pets in my house because of the pet hair and smell.” If people think this honest statement about your own boundaries in your own house is rude, they are idiots.

Q: “how to convince your husband he has asperger’s syndrome

A: For the millionth time, the desire to diagnose adults, especially the ones you are in a romantic relationship with and especially when you are not qualified and have not been asked to provide a diagnosis, is based on absolutely nothing but the need for power over that person. What you are doing is not OK. It’s wrong, manipulative, and immoral. Please stop.

Q: “cliif notes on wasted lives by zygmunt bauman

A: Oh, fuck you, loser. It’s a short book that’s a pleasure to read, and you are looking for cliff notes that you can’t even spell? Dumb brat.

Q: “aspergers does he love me or am i his special interest

A: Ask him and not the internet. By the way, Asperger’s is no longer diagnosed. And that’s precisely because people like you have been trying to use it to excuse swinish behavior towards their significant others and children.

Q: “how to split from a boyfriend with aspergers

A: Exactly like you’d split from anybody else.

Q: “was there anything good from soviet union

A: Yes. Me.

Q: “reasons why soviet union are moving out of socialism

A: Oh, hello, reader from year 1989.

Q: “why would an old man befriend a younger woman

A: For reasons he is aware of and can tell you about when you ask him.

Q: “my aspie ex has found herself a new guy

A: Only because she is aspie. Nobody else ever finds anybody new, of course. Normal human beings go into complete lifelong celibacy after they break up with their partners. Those crazy aspies, though, they sometimes go and find new guys or gals. Imagine that.


4 thoughts on “Blog Q&A”

  1. Well, you could calmly lay out your boundaries around having pets, or you could dramatically state that you are unwilling to provide free emotional labor to an ungrateful cat, because you haven’t been brainwashed by the patriarchy.


    1. There is now only ASD, not this specific subvariety. If a person has been diagnosed ASP and has accepted the diagnosis, good for them. But it’s not anybody’s place to attach labels on others based on their personal discomfort from relating to those others.


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