A 2011 Post about Trump as President

Hey, folks, check this out, it’s really curious. As I was browsing the old posts, here is one from early 2011, titled “Donald Trump as a Republican Candidate”. I have no memory whatsoever of having written it. But I like the calm and measured tone that is absent from anybody’s discussion of Trump today. 

Of course, he’s mildly creepy and he has weird hair, but if I had to choose among Republican candidates for president in case Obama loses (which today seems less probable than yesterday), I’d choose Trump. The reason why I think he’d be better than all the other candidates from that party is that he is not a religious fanatic. Better yet, after all the divorce proceedings, casinos and TV shows, he will not be able to sell himself as a religious fanatic. I believe that there is nothing scarier in the world today that religious fanatics of any persuasion.
Religious fanaticism today is a symptom of not being able to accept contemporary reality. The hysteria of religious fanatics betrays how confused and lost they are in the world they simply don’t get. Learning to live with the new and constantly changing realities is an impossible proposition for them, so they’d rather the whole planet went to hell in a basket.
Trump is obviously not one of these folks. He is the exact opposite. He has found a way to manipulate the existing realities to his own advantage and turn them into opportunities. This is a person who thrives and flourishes in today’s world. I don’t see him buying into the fundamentalist propaganda, not even to win an election.
This is a big country with a huge variety of opinion (I think I deserve the right to an occasional platitude, especially on a Monday). If there is a Progressive movement, there has to be a Conservative counterpart. “Audiatur et altera pars” is a principle that I hold near and dear. For the longest time, I’ve been hoping to hear what the Conservative discourse in this country is. However, the Conservative movement in the US has been hijacked by a minority of crazed fundamentalists. There must be intelligent, non-hysterical, educated Conservatives who don’t evoke Jesus, sin and evil every fifteen minutes and who are as comfortable with today’s realities as we are. A candidate like Trump could help such people take back the party. This would be the kind of a Republican party that I would still not support, but at least I’d be able to respect it. Difference of opinion is a great thing, and it’s precisely that which no religious fanaticism can allow to exist. I’m a lot more comfortable with (mind you, not happy about but comfortable with) an administrator who asks me to demonstrate how my existence is profitable to the university than the one who requires that I demonstrate how the teachings of Jesus will be integrated into my course on Spanish grammar (a true story).
“But he is a ruthless capitalist who will walk over everybody and everything in search for a profit margin,” people say. That he is. And for many people this is what this entire country is about: being able to do whatever is needed to become rich and assume the risk of failure. A Democrat in office is supposed to make sure that we have some protections in place in case we fail. A Republican’s job is to remove such protections based on a belief that this will make us try harder to win the competition. One can dislike this position but at least it’s based on reason and not on hysterical fanaticism. 

14 thoughts on “A 2011 Post about Trump as President”

  1. You were too charitable to Trump back in 2011. I guess we all were. None of us could anticipate the extremely high degree of nepotism and corruption a Trump presidency would involve.


    1. Still, it’s been 9 months since the inauguration, and he’s done absolutely nothing that any Republican president wouldn’t have done. And for now, he’s been a lot less hawkish than his predecessor.


      1. True, but I feel like the level of corruption in his administration is higher than the usual Republican administrations. Look at the Whitefish thing, for example.

        (Of course, it’s entirely possible I have forgotten exactly how corrupt the Bush administration was.)


        1. People tell me Bill Clinton allowed his wife to prepare legislation and mess with the running of the country. It doesn’t get more corrupt than that, so we lost the right to discuss anybody else bringing family members into government. Unfortunately, and even tragically, that argument is already lost.


          1. You never heard the term “Hillarycare”???

            Bill put First Lady Hillary in charge of creating a massive government-run healthcare program that would have been more-or-less the equivalent of Obamacare if it had ever become legislation. The leaked bad press about “Hillarycare” was one of the reasons that the Democrats got wiped out in the 1994 mid-term elections, and everyone, including TIME magazine, was predicting that Bill would be a one-term President.

            He got re-elected in 1996 by taking a sharp turn to the right, pretending to be a Republican by cutting taxes and slashing welfare, and killing Hillary’s healthcare scheme.

            Those were interesting times, too bad you missed them.


  2. Do you still think the part about Trump not being a religious fanatic holds up? It seems that, as President, he gives the religious right what it wants (i.e., conservative justice, ban on transexuals in the military).


    1. Trump was never a serious candidate until the 2016 election. Back in 2011, he simply had a big mouth (like always) and made some non-serious statements about how he “might consider” running, and various pundits and SNL picked up on his idle words.


  3. I remember that he was thinking about it in 2011, or people were tossing out the idea. SNL had a mock debate, and somebody in it was playing Trump.


  4. I do wonder why people are so determined to see Trump impeached. Unless they’re also going to impeach Pence and 50% of the current administration, I don’t think we’ll be any better off, and I think Pence would be even worse for women than Trump.

    It also seems to be doing the opposite of what you hoped, in that moderates are openly saying they miss Bush and would rather have Pence in power, because at least it would be “politics as usual” instead of having to worry that Trump’s going to drag us into a war over a Twitter spat.


    1. Yes, Pence would be a lot worse than Trump, in part because he’s an experienced politician and might be more effective in implementing the agenda of the far right. So let’s keep the Trump chaos in place for now until 2020.


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