Millennial Feminism

A feminist club for the very rich is

awash in millennial pink, with softly lit desks for working, a beauty room for primping, a snack bar with coffees and organic granola, plenty of art, a lactation room and a large library of color-organized books written by and about women.

Of course, the books have to be color-organized because the little airheads will get too confused otherwise. 

The whole thing is financed by the same investors that are funding Goop. 

Read the whole thing, it’s hilarious.

7 thoughts on “Millennial Feminism”

      1. I don’t think Amazon is the great boon to local economies that everyone thinks it is, especially if they’re given tax breaks before they even get there. But I might just be bitter because my city joined in the clamor, even though we’ve had a steady influx of people moving here from Seattle because they’re priced out of the housing market, and we already have a housing shortage on our hands.


        1. STL would benefit from something, anything happening because the city is simply dying. I haven’t been to the city (other than to visit the Global Foods store) for over two years. Knowing how much I love city life and miss city environment, this goes to show how bad the city has become. The downtown stores and cafes are closing down, and there’s more culture and happening in the tiniest, hoariest suburbs than in STL.


  1. “It was never my goal to go into business to begin with and certainly not to go into business to create a product for the uber-wealthy, and I don’t think it is,” Ms. Gelman said.

    That is hilarious. They are a luxury brand but they can’t bring themselves to admit it.


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