The First Story

Today was the first time I told Klara a story and she loved it. The story went on for over 30 minutes because she kept asking for more. The story was about Klara and her toy bear and it went as follows:

The bear asked,”Klara, Klara, what did you do at the beach today?” And Klara said, “Bear, bear, I played a game called “Find Your Toes.”” And the bear asked, “Klara, Klara, how do you play “Find Your Toes”?” And so on. 

It’s unbelievable that she’s only 21 months, and she’s already into stories.  

4 thoughts on “The First Story”

  1. One sees differences already in small kindergarten aged children between kids whose parents read to them and who can listen quietly to a story and between kids who can’t.

    Wonder which part is nurture and which nature.


    1. The capacity to concentrate on a task without getting impatient, antsy or distracted is very precious and needs to be nurtured in a child. It’s a whole complex of things that goes into it.


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