The analyst says that the best thing we can do to avoid hyperactivity problems is not to have any screens present in our interactions with Klara. No cell phones, Kindles, no TV or computer in the background. Not that I was an obsessive screen user around Klara before this (I am an obsessive user when I’m not around her), but now I’m abstaining altogether. And it’s proving to be quite easy. Enjoyable, even. 


2 thoughts on “Anti-hyper”

  1. Why do screens cause hyperactivity anyways? Training people to fracture their attention and to expect entertainment on demand is not the same as being hyper.
    I can very quietly get distracted without a single television, computer, cell phone or Kindle at hand.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Klara is a very little toddler. If she feels I’m distracted from her, she’ll act out to get me plugged back into her. The more distractors stand between the two of us, the more anxious and agitated she’ll get to try to outcompete them.

      I have to be very calm and relaxed always. Which I don’t hate. 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


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