Prissy Fit

Your Dad is a 5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations.
In fact… I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel… your father showed up uninvited & hit on my wife… invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City.

OK, what exactly is “sexually improper” about making advances to a conscious, adult person? And how can one find any moral equivalency between this and groping a sleeping person while filming her? 

It looks like what started as a good and important conversation about sexual assault and harassment is devolving into a prissy fit where people posture as paragons of moral virtue seconds before somebody triumphantly reveals that they, too, had once done something that might be either really evil or vaguely sexual. Nobody seems to care about the difference any more. 


One thought on “Prissy Fit”

  1. The industry should have never laid off all those PR staff members.
    Everyone has a few “skeletons” in their “closet”.

    There’s an adage among those in the performing arts: “Like the musician, hate the person” (or “actor”/”actress”). There’s a reason for it. It’s because imagery trumps reality when it comes to those individuals the average person either idolizes, worships, or feels extreme reverence towards.

    And most people are very prejudice when it comes to expectations of “moral character”—-especially from those they admire and expect to be “good examples” or are counting on to be “good influences”. Hence, the job of the PR department is to either conceal potential scandals in the event of anything “shady” that may come up, or—-in the event such has already been revealed—-downplay said infractions.
    To try to prevent the fans and admirers from becoming disillusioned at finding out those they admire also have their fair share of serious transgressions.


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