On Masuma Khan

It’s funny but also kind of sad when people try so hard to tear down the underpinnings of the nation-state model while fully expecting the protections and guarantees that only the nation-state gives

“Go away, nation-state! You are genocidal and evil! Where did you go, nation-state? Why aren’t you fulfilling your promise to protect me, come what may?”

Consumers believe that the world owes them an unrepayable debt yet routinely forget that they might owe something back. They buy on credit and get mighty angry whenever the bill arrives. 

Masuma Khan isn’t a racist, a politician, or an ungrateful child of immigrants. She’s a consumer. She knows nothing and wants to know nothing but consumerism. But in spite of everything that commercial jingles say, consumerism isn’t bringing the promised bliss. The self that finds nothing bigger than its own desires is a sad and angry self. 

Masuma is angry because she is unwittingly destroying the only thing that stands between her and the scary, indifferent, cold winds of capitalist fate. And she’s doing it to remain faithful to the ideology of consumerism that is giving her nothing whatsoever. I’d be angry, too, if I found myself in such a hopeless trap. 


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