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Weird Symptoms

It’s the weirdest thing because I’m not a stomach sufferer. But I’ve had this same thing 3 times since the beginning of October. It always happens at the same time of day, 1 pm Central Time. Suddenly, I get extremely nauseous and spend the next several hours barfing up a storm. Sorry for the TMI. The first two times I blamed it on school cafeteria food. But today I ate all the same things that N ate, and he’s perfectly fine. Thank God for his Mercy. 

I’m definitely not pregnant. I don’t have any other symptoms. But it’s hugely unpleasant and debilitating. Have I suddenly become a stomach sufferer in my dotage? I used to be able to digest deep-fried nails and follow them with a jar of benzoil. 

Does anybody have any idea what this might be? 


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11 thoughts on “Weird Symptoms

  1. Shakti on said:

    No idea. What foods did you eat on those days?


  2. I would say stress because of the time-dependency, so that it unsettles the stomach during the day and it shows during digestion.


  3. Dreidel on said:

    Putin reads your website and knows that you don’t like him. Several times a month, when an orbiting Russian satellite detects your location by reading the GPS in your smartphone, the satellite fires down gamma rays that hit you in the stomach.


  4. Do you get a migraine around that time? With age, my migraine incidence (with nausea, also “the aura”) has gone up. Also, sometimes you’ll get a food sensitivity with age. Or you develop an issue with the digestive tract. My DH sounds a bit like your situation: he could eat anything, until he couldn’t. He’s had to eliminate a number of fun foods in recent months (coffee, tomatoes, chocolate, cheese) because his esophagus is inflamed.


  5. Maybe your stomach stuff is a reaction to some new medication you’re taking?


  6. Did you recently escape from North Korea?


  7. Does your stomach feel very acidic before it happens? I had severe stomach issues which were initially diagnosed as acid reflux then as IBS, until I ended up in the ER with extreme pain and they finally took my gallbladder out.


  8. Allen C Millar on said:

    Were the meals you ate high in fat? Did you you sharp abdominal cramps with the nausea and vomiting? If so at your age it could be your gallbladder starting to develop stones. Simple ultrasound scan would be able to tell. Avoid fatty foods till then.


    • You know, people kept asking me about “fatty meals” and if they were triggering the stomach pains before I had my gallbladder out, and it was so bad that fresh veggies, tofu, vegetable soup, were all causing the same symptoms. I was gaining weight because bread and pasta were the few food items that didn’t cause excruciating cramps.

      I think one reason that no one thought to do an ultrasound beforehand was that the attacks mostly weren’t after fatty meals.


    • Ok, thank you, this really helps. Yes, that could be it, and I never considered it. I’ll get checked out!


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