Conyers and Lauer

The good thing is I dont know who Conyers and Lauer are, so I’m upset like I was about Franken. I really thought he was a decent person, idiot me. 

Who would be the greatest disappointment for you if you found out they were harassers? (Entertainment, politics and media all work, especially since they are the same thing).

7 thoughts on “Conyers and Lauer”

  1. Probably Mark Hamill would be the most depressing celebrity to me, but I just don’t have a lot of faith in powerful men to not harass people in general, so I’m not really overwhelmed with surprise.

    I suppose Fred Rogers, from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood would be a shock


  2. Louis CK was the one for me. I used to be a big fan and when the news first broke in 2015, I fervently wished it wasn’t true. But, oh well. Heroes fall.

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  3. Prince. But if he was a creep, it would’ve come out by now, since he’s dead. So I’m not worried.

    In politics, any one of my beloved Ohioans would be a disappointment. Obama too.


  4. Personally I really wouldn’t care one way or another, so long as they did their designated job(s) properly and didn’t screw THEM up.
    Their character and personal issues they can take up with their therapists and analysts.


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