I thought I’d seen it all but no. Lawrence at MSNBC is singing sycophantic, pathetic, groveling praise of . . .  Larry Summers, of all the possible evildoers. Larry Summers! Because he doesn’t like Trump’s tax plan. Of course, for anybody who has been alive in the last decade, “not liked by Summers” is a ringing endorsement. 

All that’s missing is for Greenspan to chime in. I also hear Mugabe is free, so maybe he can make an appearance, since we are desperate for disgusting creeps to tell us this tax plan sucks. 

One thought on “Incredible

  1. Assuming that you’re talking about Lawrence O’Donnell, his show has discussed exactly one subject for the past year: It’s all “laugh-at-and-ridicule Trump,” all the time, every day for an entire hour.

    There are only so many ways you can say, “Trump is an idiot,” before you start sounding very repetitive and boring.


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