Last Day of Classes

And I’m so wiped my hands are shaking. The hardest part was that so many people wanted to talk to me today. I’m the introvert of the century, and so much human contact eats me alive. And then Klara decided not to take her nap today, so she was extra moody while I did everything I could think of to keep her awake until her normal bedtime.

I was so exhausted today that I watched kitty videos on Facebook. For the first time in my life. And hopefully for the last.

In the past, I’d unwind with a bottle of Captain Morgan spiced but since that simple joy was stolen from me by the analyst, I unwind by making a reading list. It’s seriously relaxing.


3 thoughts on “Last Day of Classes”

  1. Rum or kittens?
    The kittens are harmless. The rum disrupts your sleep in the later stages if you’re not careful.
    I’m not a list maker. I only make lists to make myself feel like there’s less free floating chaotic vagueness or to not feel like the Claire Danes confused math lady meme.

    I know you like lists and your planner. Did you end up modifying your planner at all?


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