The Worst Governor

On the subject of Rauner, he has been recognized as the worst governor in the country. I don’t know, though. I mean, I detest Rauner as much as the next hard-working person, but look at the governor of Wisconsin. He is suggesting mandatory drug tests for all food stamp applicants. I have no words to describe how ridiculous, petty and offensive I find this. So it’s a stiff competition right now. Still, knowing Rauner I’m sure he’ll come up with something to win the title in no time.


4 thoughts on “The Worst Governor”

  1. They’ve been trying to do that for a while. I think there are conservative organizations who write sample legislation and they try to pass it off in various states. For example ALEC and Corrections Corporation wrote a lot of model legislation for those SB 1070 like bills several years ago.

    They’re trying it in Wisconsin now; they tried it in Florida several years ago.

    With Trump packing the courts, it’s more likely such laws will stand.


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