Magical Phrases

I taught Klara several magical phrases that have made my life much easier:

  • “It’s not ours”
  • “It’s their turn”
  • “It’s attached”
  • “Mama’s coffee is very hot”

“It’s not ours” is extremely helpful because whenever she grabs something at a store, all I have to do is say “it’s not ours” and she puts it back. Often, she doesn’t even grab things and just points to them and asks, “Ours?” 

“It’s attached” is also great because she’s extremely interested in how things work and always tries to take everything apart. So I had to explain why some things can’t be taken apart. Before I did that, she wanted me to unscrew every bolt and nail in every piece of equipment at the playground.

Right now I’m teaching her the phrase “I can’t stop when I’m driving unless I arrive at a specially designated area.” 

8 thoughts on “Magical Phrases”

    1. Of course, it won’t boost incomes. The only thing that maybe is marginally achievable is to prevent most of the country from turning into West Virginia. Those who have been to West Virginia will understand the metaphor.


    1. No, no, this is all from the solid modernity stage. Back then capital needed a literate, healthy, sedentary population and the state provided it. That’s all dead and gone.


      1. But we have talent flight from Louisiana all the time, despite PAYING companies to be here. But then, we and West Virginia are on the list of the 3-4 worst states.


        1. It’s definitely not going to work on the state level. It’s got to be the national level but even then I don’t think it will work. Which is why I’m saying there needs to be an alternative. A plan, something.


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