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Regional Variation

Do you know what people around here call lollipops? 


That’s how it’s pronounced, with an aggressive hiss on the s. I thought at first folks were trying to be funny, but no, it’s how everybody says it. 


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19 thoughts on “Regional Variation

  1. David Bellamy on said:

    We called them “suckers” when I was a child.


  2. Fie upon this quiet life on said:

    We call them suckers here, too. Maybe it’s a midwestern thing. But other places I’ve heard lollipop, which to me sounds a little bit nicer. So I call them lollipops now, against the grain.


  3. Demotrash on said:

    I feel like I call the really nice ones lollipops, and little dinky ones suckers.


  4. Dreidel on said:

    Off topic, but GREAT NEWS for Republicans!

    The fundamentalist idiot/pediophile Roy Moore has lost the Alabama Senate election, and won’t be around to muck up the Republican agenda, or have to be dealt with and censored/expelled after all. His loss is also a major slap to the comb- and razor-deficient Bannon, whose bravado about primarying all the 2018 elections should now be laughably tossed to the winds.

    The Democrats are now claiming this as a major victory. Well, let them! It’s also a major victory for sane Republicans as well.


    • Stringer Bell on said:

      “sane Republicans ”



    • “won’t be around to muck up the Republican agenda”

      There is no such thing beyond endless wars and endless playing the video games of digital capital (essentially the same agenda as the democrats now).

      All other issues are identity symbols and neither party wants to actually address them.

      Politics is over…..


  5. I usually say lollipop. The only ones I’d call suckers are the really big brightly colored ones (aka all day suckers).


    • Those really big spiral ones are the ones I’d call lollipops–the smaller ones are suckers.

      Unless they’re Tootsie Pops, or the similar variant with gum. Then they’re the brand name, because that’s what I grew up with. I grew up with those tiny ones being called Dum-Dums, too.


  6. Dreidel on said:


    The word has other meanings besides candy:

    (Image copied without permission from Shakespeare’s Sister ten years ago)


    • That’s the meaning I normally associate with the word. As in, “Another article accepted! Bite that, sssuckaz!” Or “another article rejected! Fuck you, sssuckaz!”


  7. I grew up in Kentucky with sucker as an interchangeable term with lollipop.


  8. Regarding politics: local is incredibly important. The state controls ballots in national elections (how many parties can appear, who gets on), and state politics produce future members of Congress. I’d love to see a situation in which professors across a state like Illinois or Pennsylvania ran in elections for the state legislature. Can you imagine a state legislature controlled by people with brains?


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