Mini Link Encyclopedia

Disrupting Systemic Whiteness in the Mindfulness Movement. I just had to share. 

An interesting perspective on the Time Person of the Year

Why are radical Christian activists attracted to Orthodoxy? I’m not a radical activist but I’m getting closer to finally become baptized in the Orthodox Church, and this is a fantastic post. 

hilarious takedown of a pompous memoirist. The author thinks sexual abuse of children is funny, for some mysterious reason, but the review is very well-written.

former Facebook executive tells the truth about the danger of this horrible website/app.


20 thoughts on “Mini Link Encyclopedia”

      1. Yes, I took it seriously, what exactly is hilarious about it? Even if you think mindfulness is silly, the points she’s making about overgeneralizing and that white people can learn from people of color apply to lots of other areas as well.


        1. I’m still not entirely sure it was written seriously and not for comedic effect. I can never tell what’s supposed to be funny. But can people really write seriously in this way?


          1. Oh, you mean the jargon? Yes, it’s real, although I agree that using this type of academic jargon in the article and especially the title isn’t the best choice for for making the point to a more general audience.


  1. What a monster.

    “At age 55, her children grown, Maynard had “missed being a parent as much as a person crossing the desert misses water.” So she sent away for a CD-rom from an international adoption agency, liked what she saw at an Ethiopian orphanage, and traveled to Africa to adopt two sisters: “They were ravenous for meat. ‘I love you I love you I love you,’ they told me.” But she soon tired of the responsibility. After 14 months, she drove them across the country and handed them off to a different family, and they were adopted a second time.”


    1. A total creep. And look at how casually it’s all done. It’s like returning a purchase.

      She got very upset with the review and published an angry rebuttal in the current issue.


    2. Well, you could write a depressing article about narcissism, and how early childhood trauma can fester and wound if a person is unable to self-reflect, learn, and grow, or you could titter about childhood sexual abuse and casually mention children adopted then dumped like garbage like you’re engaging in celebrity gossip.


    1. A severe narcissistic trauma like this makes people want other human beings to serve as a mirror to them. She’s desperate for somebody to parrot these laundry lists back at her to prove they will be a good mirror. But nobody will ever manage to do it well enough or fill the void because the void is inside.

      People with this disorder never seek help because accepting that the problem is inside them would be catastrophic to them.


    1. Uri Avnery: “So is there no choice? Of course there is. There always is. The choice is between the Two State solution and No Solution. Eternal war.”

      Uri Avnery is a “wise old man” in his nineties whose imagination is running out with his years. The 70-year-old status quo may very well dissolve in the new era of Netanyahu and Trump. After Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, Netanyahu is poised (but not quite ready) to annex all the settlements within the vast majority of the West Bank, and to pacify or expel the “Palestinians” inside Israel’s new borders. The “Palestinians” in Gaza and the Iranian proxies in Lebanon can also be dealt with very quickly with sufficient force to end the “Eternal War,” if the Israeli government has the will to act decisively, with the backing of the only external government in the world that matters to Israel, that of the U.S. Who cares what the impotent UN and EU think?

      The “Two State Solution” is dead, killed by 70 years of “Palestinian” stupidity that have rendered that phantasm an unattainable fantasy. It’s long past time to put a stake through its heart.


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