Philologist’s Child

Klara is narrating what happened on the trampoline:

“Big boy jumping. He bumped his head. Boy is sad, crying. I also bumped my head. And I bumped my nose.”

22 months as of yesterday.


6 thoughts on “Philologist’s Child”

  1. “Klara is narrating”

    I found her narrative to be a little superficial and lacking in interpretive insight.

    What she should have said: “Big boy manifesting stereotypical male vitality masking violent tendencies. He bumped his head in ironic twist as his performance of masculinity turned against him. Boy having catharsis through crying. It metaphor of need for boy to reconnect with his emotions rather than wall them off. I also bumped my head displaying edgy transgressive gender expression. And I bumped my nose, it metaphor of societal punishment of non-traditional femininity.”


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