Inept Advertisement

An ad for a new local place:

Hey everyone come check out our delicious cupcakes and treat your dog to some pupcakes while you’re at it! Baked fresh along with all the other cupcakes.

It’s not part of the ad, either. It’s the entire thing.

Are they trying on purpose to keep people away? Who’s going to want cupcakes made right next to dog food? 

I never saw any people with dogs at the mall where this place is set up. But I saw crowds of people with kids. What kind of an idiot advertises for a demographic that doesn’t even exist in this region (we are a long way away from the kind of folks who want to take their dogs out for cupcakes while doing intermittent fasting on a way to pitching their startup) and repels the demographic that is there? 

3 thoughts on “Inept Advertisement”

  1. I’ve never known any malls to allow dogs inside.

    If the store itself is inside the mall: well, that’s why they advertise in the mall.
    If they’re wrong about how many dog owners want to buy cupcakes for their dog and cupcakes for themselves they’ll be out of business soon since rents in malls are high.

    It’s like making vegan, gluten free cupcakes: the market is small but people who need or want vegan, gluten free food will pay lots of money for it from the right people. People who feed their pets Alpo aren’t going to set foot in that store but people who get pet insurance and organic dog food will love it.

    This is why vegetarian isn’t a selling point to attract restaurant customers and the Buddhist place (incidentally vegan) is struggling, but this insane vegan, gluten free coffee shop is doing quite well ($5 for a dixie cup of coffee; $9 dollars for an omelet when it costs less at the hotels.).


  2. You might be over-estimating how repulsed most Americans are about the idea of eating things cooked in the same place/time as dog food.

    For me the turnoff would not be dogs per se, but rather the idea that something baked that dogs would like would be savory/meat flavored and could change the taste of the sweet sweet dear cupcakes I love so much.


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