Is It Safe?

I prepared myself a smoked salmon sandwich and was going to eat it when Klara grabbed it. I thought she’d try it and realize it’s not the flavor she likes. But she declared that it’s “yummy yummy!” and ate the whole thing. 

Do you, folks, think it’s safe? It feels like a very adult food. 

11 thoughts on “Is It Safe?”

  1. I think she’s fine. She’s almost two, and IIRC, anything you eat should be OK for her, as well, at that age. It’s great she’s such an adventurous eater! All my kids were ridiculously picky at that age.


  2. My daughter loves smoked salmon and has been eating it since she was one with no problems. I don’t know if it’s recommended but it’s been fine.


  3. I think the only real issue is honey and raw seafood. But the recommendation is–I think–no raw seafood until 6 months and no honey until a year. Which you’re past, anyway.


    1. She’s almost two. I’d like to stop being afraid of honey. There are these honey cheese balls at the Indian buffet that I think she might like but I’m still afraid of honey.


      1. “I’m still afraid of honey”

        For me, this is like hearing someone say “My, the air is very plaid today!” or “Elephants only sing on Thursdays unless they’re Methodists”

        How/why can someone be afraid of honey?


          1. “Parents are exhorted to keep honey as far away”

            Okay this is why it’s probably good I was never a parent. Mushrooms I can see why you’d want to wait a while with small kids, but I would never bee able to take warnings about honey seriously….


      2. Turns out the whole honey thing was a myth – now it’s actually recommended from an earlier age! Smoked salmon is fine but with a lot of moderation – smoked food is not really healthy.


  4. I was also surprised at how many little children love smoked salmon. Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon is a children’s party staple around here (even for toddlers) because it is liked by both children and parents. For us, I have been feeding it to my children since they were ~18 months with absolutely no ill effects. Oily fish is good for them! But the high salt content is an issue so I do limit how much I give them (also because of the price – I would be bankrupt if I let them eat as much smoked salmon as they wished). I always feel a little funny giving it to them for an everyday lunch, since when I was growing up it was reserved for very special occasions like Christmas Day.


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