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Movie Spoilers

The FB feed is filled with emotional pleas from people who are asking others not to give any spoilers from a movie that just came out and that seems to matter a lot. The possibility of staying off FB until they see the movie and avoiding spoilers in this way doesn’t seem to occur to anybody.

A propos of movies, has anybody seen the new “Orient Express”? I’m not sure I understand the point of the movie if everybody knows how it ends in advance. Agatha Christie’s novels are 100% about the the denouement. She didn’t create memorable characters, interesting dialogue, or anything but the famous final twists. Once you know the twist, why watch? 


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11 thoughts on “Movie Spoilers

  1. “She didn’t create memorable characters, interesting dialogue, or anything but the famous final twists”

    I think the Marple novels are overall a lot more interesting than the Poirot novels as the structure is less about the uncannily brilliant detective (who I have a hard time warming to) and more about taking in the characters and milieu.

    The only interesting character in the Poirot novels (haven’t read them) is later semi-regular Adriadne Oliver (a stand in for Christie herself) but some of the Marple novels are interesting little micro-universes.

    On screen I have no desire to see any other Poirot than David Suchet (again the character of Marple lends itself to more diverse interpretations).


  2. Sister on said:

    I don’t remember the ending and want to see the movie – don’t spoil it for me! 🙂


  3. My eldest kid and his GF went to see it and loved it. They are 17 and never read the books or saw the old movie, so it was new to them. The likes of us are not the intended audience for most Hollywood production.


  4. It was stilted, pretentious, boring.


  5. Evelina Anville on said:

    I haven’t seen it but I really love movies based on Agatha Christie novels–even when I know the ending. It’s MORE fun when I haven’t read the novel of course but I gnerally enjoy an Agatha Christie movie and I actually want to see Orient Express. I think her characters are always fun and interesting and I find Hercule Poirot delightful.


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