OB-GYN’S Quotes

The walls in the OB-GYN’s office are covered with quotes letting visitors know that life is meaningless if you don’t have kids and nothing is better than motherhood. 

I can’t stop thinking how cruel it is to patients who might be infertile to have them stare at these quotes for 40 minutes while they sit naked on the table waiting for the doctor to show up. 

And who’s the intended audience anyway? Mothers already know all this. Women who don’t want children will be annoyed and will possibly feel judged. And then there’s people like me who feel bad for the women who’ll be wounded by all this. 

It’s just unthinking, unnecessary cruelty. But at least this doctor doesn’t try to coax me into Botox treatments, doesn’t try to get me to take a weight loss potion, and doesn’t run a Bible study group for victims of abortion propaganda, like the previous 3 doctors. 

12 thoughts on “OB-GYN’S Quotes”

  1. Most OB-GYNs will not perform abortions. You live in a conservative area so the idea a patient might not want to be a mother or cannot be a mother is anathema to most people. Do you see a variety of women in the waiting room?

    Also OB-GYNs get the bulk of their repeat visits from patients who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant. How often did you visit an OB-GYN when you weren’t doing either? Women who come in for their annual pap smear or to get the scripts for birth control come in only once a year.

    How is the local Planned Parenthood in this respect?


    1. I honestly forgot that pregnant women visit OB-GYNS. For the 2 years I tried to get pregnant with Klara and then during the pregnancy, I never went to one. Of course, I know that mine is an exceptional case an most women don’t have these problems but it’s just hard for me to associate OB-GYNs with pregnancy. You are right, of course.



  2. “while they sit naked on the table waiting for the doctor to show up. ”

    Since when do women in the examination rooms of American doctors wait on the table naked?

    When I was practicing general medicine as a civilian intern or as an Air Force flight surgeon overseas, the rules were specific: Give the female patients a sheet to cover themselves with while waiting, and have a female nurse or medical technician stand by the end of the table by the woman’s head while you’re performing the exam. (If the Branch of Service is too stupid to have any women on the hospital night shift — think the U.S. Navy — their embarrassed husbands will do.)

    I remember that a couple of times after I’d examined European wives in Sicily and Germany, they complained indignantly that they’d been “humiliated” by having another woman in the room during the exam.


    1. Yes, one does get a little towel to cover one’s knees . But the rest is hanging out there in the wind. And it was 40 minutes on the clock on Friday. I thought I’d perish because it was too cold even for me.


  3. Ah, times have changed! It wasn’t that way in “liberated” Southern California in the early 197o’s, or on the sandy shores of Sicily 15 years later. But you’re right about one thing: hospital/clinic waiting rooms are freezing.

    That’s why I changed my mind about specializing in a surgical practice.


      1. Liberal vs conservative sexism in a nutshell.
        “Don’t age” and “lose some weight already” can be found all over the political spectrum.
        Of course Botox and weight loss are ongoing projects and profit centers.

        Botox injections wear off after 3-6 months and take only a few minutes to administer and are not covered by insurance if it’s for cosmetic purposes. This means the patient pays the full cost.

        Weight loss is profitable because women keep regaining and losing the same weight in addition to the fact that “fat” is a moving target. Also as you describe it, it is not covered by insurance.

        Going in for gynecological exams already primes many patients to feel insecure so why not take advantage of that sales opportunity?


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