White Christmas

Strangely, we have quite a few cars with Florida plates in town for the holidays. I recognize them even before I see the plates because of the very typically Floridian driving manner. What I don’t get is why people who have relatives here don’t have them come to Florida instead of driving over here. 

Today we woke up to this, and I’m sure it gladdens nobody’s heart but mine:

I can’t believe I’ll finally have a white Christmas. Klara is still sleeping but I wonder what she’ll say when she sees it.  


9 thoughts on “White Christmas”

  1. Florida is where they live. Illinois is home. The kind of people who move to Florida are not the same as who stay in your part of Illinois. Also you probably get more house for your money here than in any part of Florida, especially in cities. That matters if you’re going to host people. The basement alone easily adds about an extra 500-1000 square feet. Houses don’t have basements here.

    I don’t understand why they just don’t fly. Then again, I’ve seen Quebecois drive all the way from Montreal for hockey games here. They must be people with ample amounts of time.


        1. Florida drivers are the worst!
          I used to have drive all the through Fort Myers on US 41 twice a day (morning and afternoon) and it was helllll. Dangerous. Many scary situtations!
          See? I’m so traumatized by the memories that I’ve reverted to Trumptext


          1. That’s exactly what I mean. I’ve been to Florida enough times to notice that it’s a special style of driving. I recognize it from a distance, even before I see the plates.


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