read this kind of article and I want to retch. I also got no sleep today so I’m queasy as it is but this shit doesn’t help. An excerpt for those who don’t want to click:

Based on the excerpts now available, Fire and Fury presents a man in the White House who is profoundly ignorant of politics, policy, and anything resembling the substance of perhaps the world’s most demanding job. He is temperamentally unstable. Most of what he says in public is at odds with provable fact, from “biggest inaugural crowd in history” onward. Whether he is aware of it or not, much of what he asserts is a lie. His functional vocabulary is markedly smaller than it was 20 years ago; the oldest person ever to begin service in the White House, he is increasingly prone to repeat anecdotes and phrases. He is aswirl in foreign and financial complications. He has ignored countless norms of modern governance, from the expectation of financial disclosure to the importance of remaining separate from law-enforcement activities. He relies on immediate family members to an unusual degree; he has an exceptionally thin roster of experienced advisers and assistants; his White House staff operations have more in common with an episode of The Apprentice than with any real-world counterpart. He has a shallower reserve of historical or functional information than previous presidents, and a more restricted supply of ongoing information than many citizens. He views all events through the prism of whether they make him look strong and famous, and thus he is laughably susceptible to flattering treatment from the likes of Putin and Xi Jinping abroad or courtiers at home.

I’ve been reading a variation on this piece for a year. A year. And for just as long I’ve been writing a variation on this post. 

We are in the midst of an enormous transformation of the global economy that will affect and is already affecting all of us. And instead of talking about that, this is what we are doing? Producing outrage-generating listicles about the limited vocabulary of somebody who is not only a billionaire and a TV superstar but also the most successful US politician at the moment?

I’m reading an article on Cambodia – Cambodia! – and the byline mentions Trump in big bold letters even though the article has fuck-all to do with him. It’s like people are stuck and can’t move on. Seven more years of this collective madness? And then they’ll run Omarrosa and she’ll obviously win, and the whole crazy obsession repeats?

And then folks wonder why so many people don’t even consider voting. It’s very hard to care about any of this because it’s so completely ridiculous and divorced from any reality. 


13 thoughts on “Exasperated”

  1. We are in the midst of an enormous transformation of the global economy that will affect and is already affecting all of us. And instead of talking about that, this is what we are doing

    Well, if we’re constantly arguing about verifiable shit like “is the sky blue” and “does the sun rise in the east” we can hardly talk about something nobody recognizes. And if the nominal head of the country with the world’s largest economy can’t even be relied upon to say small true things, how in the world would you ever expect the party in power to ever address this awful truth?

    Millions of people saw this or chose not to and voted for that anyway. Do you really think any of them would be receptive to any sort of “truth” about this global economy transformation? “It’s the robots & liquid capital, not the dirty brown people, stupid!” That’ll go over well! (If they even grasp what you’re saying.)

    Maybe there might have been a better chance of addressing it if the election had gone the other way. But otherwise?


    1. Nobody wants Trump to say true things. What everybody wants is exactly what he’s giving. I’m not appealing to Trump’s base on this blog. I’m trying to appeal to those who love him so much more than his base ever could. The base at least wants something tangible from him. The wall, the judges, the tax return. The Democratic groupies ask for nothing but a chance to make outraged tweets. They are the ones who really scare me because they don’t seem at all aware how much they are in thrall to him.

      It’s time for journalists to go to expensive NYC restaurants to prepare “and they still adore Trump” reports.


      1. “I’m trying to appeal to those who love him so much more than his base ever could. …. The Democratic groupies ask for nothing but a chance to make outraged tweets”

        There’s an old saying “Bad reviews don’t kill books, a lack of reviews kills books”. The way to neutralize Trump is to ignore most of what he does and says and make the rest boring.

        But so many on the dem side have entered into some kind of weird co-dependent relationship with him – they need him to say and tween dumb things so they can feel that hit of whatever hormone is behind self-righteous anger.

        I think maybe it’s also infantilization, Trump has become their omnipotent daddy substitute they can rebel against (to make up for not rebelling against their own parents).


      2. Realistically though, what tangible things can Democrats do to address liquid capital right now?

        What would that look like to you?

        If you woke up in a fantasy world where the Democrats controlled all three branches of government what would you want them to do to address liquid capital?


        1. Alternately, what would you want the Republicans to have done to address liquid capital if they weren’t insane/would listen to what you’d say?


          1. I’m guessing that the number of Republicans reading my blog is exactly one and we all know his name. 🙂 I want the Democrats to turn towards labor, class struggle, the things we are supposed to be about.


        2. If I had these answers, I’d be a nobel prize winner. I have no idea. But the first step is always to name the problem and start focusing on it. I believe in collective thinking.


    1. I already don’t know whether it’s a joke about nuggets or not…

      And what “gorilla” really thinks since if it’s true, it is very disgusting.

      Guess it’s a weird unfunny joke.


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