Public Menace

I just almost got the Reagan Airport evacuated. I left my bag on the ground and walked away for 30 minutes while I was chatting on the phone about the complexities of learning Basque. When I came back for it, there was a police cordon and dogs sniffing for explosives. In my defense, I got up at 2 am to make this flight and had spent the last two days leaving the house to go to the airport only to have my flight cancelled the total of 6 times. This kind of thing screws with my brain something major. 


4 thoughts on “Public Menace”

  1. A few years ago in the book section of el Corte Ingles in Palma I noticed a briefcase sitting all by its lonesome in the middle of an isle. I waited a few minutes looking around and no one was claiming it so I told a security guard who gifted me with a patronizing smile just as the owner showed up to fetch it (he had walked off somewhere with the sales clerk)

    The friend I was travelling with gave me a lot of grief over that but I refused to feel embarrassed.


  2. Once, on the way to a conference with a large group from my school (or possibly on the way back home, I can’t recall), everybody just placed their bags in a big group with the expectation that somebody else would watch them. I was the only one left, and I was stuck with this giant pile of bags for fifteen minutes. It took me another five to convince another person in the group that the bags needed to be watched. Even though there are signs everywhere telling people not to leave things unattended.


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