You Aren’t a Jew If I Say So

I used to like Joy Reid. And then I turn on the news to wake myself before my very early flight and hear her announce with Glee that Roy Moore is a bigot because his wife said their lawyer is a Jew and “it turned out – get this! – that he’s a Christian!” As a Soviet dissident writer once said facetiously, “we thought he was a Jew but he turned out to be a drinking person.”

I understand it’s super crucial to prove Roy Moore is a bigot because he hasn’t yet lost the election in Alabama but would it be possible to do that without outdoing his presumed bigotry? ‘Cause this crap stinks to high heaven. 


11 thoughts on “You Aren’t a Jew If I Say So”

  1. You seem quite confused.

    First of all, Jones was certified the winner of the election by the Alabama SoS.

    Second of all:

    Wishnatsky, 73, was indeed born into a Jewish family, attended a Hebrew school and went to synagogue, as he told But in his early 30s, he said, he had “an experience of the reality of God.” Initially, he attended a Mormon church, and later converted to evangelical Christianity.

    Now, he identifies as a Messianic Jew. “That’s the term they use for a Jewish person who has accepted Christ,” he told

    He certainly isn’t a practicing Jew.


    1. I was being sarcastic about the election.

      As for the Jewish lawyer, “Jew” is an ethnicity. My father converted to Christianity and was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church in his fifties. This didn’t make him any less Jewish, as would become very clear if you could take one look at him.

      By the way, Hitler enthusiastically exterminated Soviet Jews, none of whom practiced Judaism. And then they were persecuted by the anti-Semitic Soviet state for being Jewish. So let’s not start a discussion of whether people like my family members deserve to call ourselves Jews because we paid very dearly for our Jewishness no matter what we practice or don’t.


      1. It’s also cute how the liberal mantra of “everybody’s identity is whatever they say it is and how dare you doubt it, bigot!” goes out of the window the second it’s convenient.


            1. In this country, unlike the USSR, we have German Jews, Polish Jews, French Jews, English Jews, etc, so Jews are considered here not an ethnicity but a religious group composed of people of different ethicities.

              Sorry if that hashes your mellow.


    1. I’m starting to suspect the point is to avoid ever discussing what Doug Jones actually stands for. I’m sure he has an agenda. But it’s no longer fashionable among Democrats to discuss agendas. All we do is whoosh in outrage.


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