I’m finally in NYC and too exhausted to do anything fun. So I left the hotel in search of a deli nearby. On the way there, I passed a strip club. The doorman in shiny buttons looked at me and boomed, “You need a hat. And a warmer coat!” It was very funny that a doorman at a strip club would worry that I was underdressed.


4 thoughts on “NYC”

  1. At least the doorman isn’t insane like Sports Illustrated (let’s film a model in a bikini in Antarctica…with predictable results) :-p

    An acquaintance of mine was about to take her 8 year old girl out of school for the day because flannel lined pants don’t exist for girls, apparently?

    Stay warm!


  2. Are you aware of the irony? One of your favorite things (snow) causing you soooooo many problems?

    Also if this is MLA I feel reaaally sorry for those who are job hunting there, it must be an even worse than usual nightmare….


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