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Quality Journalism

A journalist announces triumphantly on the news, “Nobody in the Trump administration addressed the book’s claims that Trump acts like a child! I wonder why that is!”

She totally missed her calling as a stand-up comedian.


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8 thoughts on “Quality Journalism

  1. Dreidel on said:

    No need to provide a link or give your readers a name. Those of us with a lot of free time to click through the cable news channels can easily narrow to the list down to — oh, about a hundred female so-called journalists on MSNBC and CNN. (If you hadn’t written “she,” another hundred names could be added.)

    I wonder if these idiots know how hard they’re working to get Trump re-elected. 🙂


  2. The Dark Avenger on said:

    He’s never going to get above 40% in the polling or the 2020 election. MAGA!


    • That’s exactly what was said throughout the 2016 campaign. And we all know how that turned out.


    • Shakti on said:

      You’re assuming a two way race. :/


      • I think Hillary will run again and Romney will be the primary challenger. And among 3 clueless rich folks voters will choose the one who is entertaining and charismatic.


        • Dreidel on said:

          As long as we’re making wild predictions:

          I would LOVE to see Hillary on the Democratic ticket in 2020, but even the Democrats won’t be stupid enough to run the same losing candidate two Presidential general elections in a row. They tried that in 1952 and 1956 (with Adlai Stevenson), and it was a disaster.

          Romney will probably run for, and win, retiring Utah Sen. Orrin’s Hatch’s Senate seat in 2018. If Romney’s a seated Republican Senator in 2020, he won’t challenge Trump for the Presidential nomination. Trump will get insignificant primary challengers (somebody like Jeff Flake who has nothing to lose), but will almost certainly be renominated.

          The Democrats will reject their geriatric suspects (Hillary, Biden, Sanders, and Warren) and nominate some younger female and/or ethnic far lefty who will be even scarier to general voters than Trump.

          Should be an interesting election!


  3. Interesting post:

    Почему иранцы вышли на улицы: протест в шести графиках


  4. Iran reportedly bans English from elementary school curriculum

    An Hebrew article reported that the official from the Ministry of Education claimed learning English from a young age let Western culture penetrate Iran.


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