How come my students still know Ricky Martin? Weren’t they still in diapers when he was famous? Or has there been a revival? Or what do you call it, a comeback?


11 thoughts on “Ricky”

  1. Ricky Martin takes them back to their childhood. That song is old enough. He has also done remixes of songs with Pitbull.


  2. I remember Ricky Martin from when I was a kid, but even then he was more popular with people a bit older than me, which makes sense because I was probably somewhere between four and eight. If you have students around 23-25 and older that might explain it. Or older siblings who introduced them to his music. And friends tend to share favorite music and whatnot.


      1. “I don’t even know who that is. Am I old?”

        Selena (Quintanilla-Perez) was a famous American Spanish-language singer, same age as Ricky Martin, who was shot dead by the crazed female president of her fan club in 1995. Hey, the news was in all the papers…


        1. Also, IIRC, Selena barely spoke any Spanish but learned her songs phonetically.

          She was hugely popular in the cross-border region (50 to a 100 miles both sides of the US-Mexico border) but essentially unknown otherwise. Her popularity was the type of thing that led Joel Garreau (9 nations of North America) to believe that the border area was turning into its own cultural sphere.

          There was a movie in which the mestiza Selena was played by the caribbean Jennifer Lopez (her big break) casting that probably couldn’t happen in today’s micro-ethnically woke world.

          Here’s one of her better songs.


  3. Special bonus! Another frontera? song from the 1990s

    El Colesterol by Fito Olivares (lyrics below the vid)

    Ya me dijo el doctor muy en serio
    Que de kilos ya estoy pasadito
    No más grasa, ni azúcar, ni harina
    Ni más golosinas que me hacen gordito
    No más grasa, ni azúcar, ni harina
    Ni más golosinas que me hacen gordito

    Con mi colesterol en 300
    El antojo casi me domina
    Y pa´colmo mi fiel chaparrita
    Con amor me grita desde la cocina

    “Quieres que te guise un chicharrón,
    Un pedazo de jamón,
    O prefieres pollo frito mi amorcito?”
    No, muy sabroso el chicharrón
    Tu pollito, tu jamón
    Pero ahorita nada de eso cariñito

    Qué es lo que te pasa corazón?
    Siempre has sido comelón
    Y te me pones los moños mi gordito
    No, muchas gracias, pero no
    El doctor ya me ordenó
    Que me faje el cinturón

    Es que me sube el colesterol mi amorcito
    Me sube el colesterol

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