Random Observations

If you ever see me try to become part of an organization again, and especially assume a leadership role, please use whatever means necessary to stop me. There is no better way to become completely disillusioned with people than when you discover the intimate workings of an organization.


Two years ago, all of my gym bags turned into diaper bags. And now they are turning back into gym bags. The cycle of life. 


The beginning of a semester smells of freshness because it requires that one fashion an entirely new daily routine. This is one of the extra perks of my profession. I get completely to redesign my routine three times a year. Who else gets so many fresh starts?


Yesterday when Klara counted to ten, I continued with “eleven, twelve. . .” and all the way to twenty. And you should have seen the joy on her little face. She made me repeat the numbers several times. “So there’s more? More to discover, more to learn?” she seemed to want to say. 


13 thoughts on “Random Observations”

      1. “Disco pinball counting with the Pointer Sisters on Sesame Street!”

        Translation: “Here’s a video where the Pointer Sisters (a popular singing group in the 1970s and 1980s) count to twelve. There is an animated background of a pinball (from a ‘flipper’ machine) travelling through a fanciful landscape and disco music plays as they sing and count. The clip appeared on Sesame Street, the educational tv show originally intended for disadvantage urban children (it’s audience ended up being far wider)”


              1. I had two this morning (one by selena and one by another frontera performer).
                the selena vid was her song ‘amor prohibido’ easily findable on youtube and the other included the lyrics)


  1. Sorry! In my attempt to be concise in describing the video’s content and music, I landed on “confusing.”

    I saw these number sequences on public television when I was learning to tell time.


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