A self-important fellow booms on the news, “There’s never been an administration before now that would be this reluctant to notice the danger that comes from Russia.”

Do people like that go into a pod and have their memories erased? Or is he faking it? How can one so easily pretend that Bill Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama didn’t exist? All three sat by vacantly as Russia invaded countries, ramped-up the anti-US rhetoric, worked to weaken the EU, nourished chaos in the Middle East, bent over for the corrupt oligarchs, etc. Do you think Trump would stay quiet if he knew Russians were trying to hand the election to the opposing party? I have no idea what he’d do but we do know that Obama just stood by and let it happen.


2 thoughts on “1984”

  1. The rift with Russia is all America’s fault. It’s always been America’s fault, ever since the Russian Civil War in 1918.

    Haven’t you read the latest article on The Nation magazine’s website (www.thenation.com) called “The US ‘Betrayed’ Russia” by Steven Cohen?


    1. I unsubscribed from the journal specifically to avoid this kind of crap.

      Russia conspiracy, my ass. This is the real Russia conspiracy in this country, and it’s not located on the right.


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