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Cold Calculation

What’s really really sad is that these days every little snowflake who gets pouty begins to scream “privilege! Abuse! Toxic cis-het-masculine harassment!

And what’s even sadder, the only response that these silly flare-ups evoke is groveling, servile self-effacement on the part of those who could easily put a stop to the unfortunate spectacle.

For about two seconds, it seemed like something good could come from a general discussion of sexual harassment. But soon it became clear that the discussion has been hijacked by shameless opportunists who coldly rattle off the fashionable terms in order to self-promote. It will take forever before anybody can take the words “allegations of sexual misconduct” seriously again.


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8 thoughts on “Cold Calculation

  1. Have you read The Walrus essay “The Case Against Reading Everything”? Is it good?


  2. “For about two seconds, it seemed like something good could come from a general discussion of sexual harassment”

    That long? I pretty much knew how it would all play out all along (and sadly…… right again!)


    • It’s especially cute that the snowflake in this (and so many other) cases is male, cis, het, etc who is deftly manipulating the narrative to get ahead. There’s now going to be a cottage industry of self-deprecating cis-white-het-etc folks who will self-promote by very public acts of contrition.


  3. David Bellamy on said:

    I recall that several years ago you recommended a book called Yes Means Yes. I have never believed this. I do not read body language, and explicit verbal confirmation has in my experience sometimes led to very bad consequences. Remember the movie Fatal Attraction. The situation seems to me to be hopeless, at least for the next half century or so.


  4. Sister on said:

    I find it disgusting that some women deem it appropriate to bring up examples of their failed consentual relationships into the discussion. Way to devalue the experiences of those of us who are actual victims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.


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