Dirty Rotten Bastards

Is he really that crazy or is he faking it?

“This big wave of public content has really made us reflect: What are we really here to do?” Mr. Zuckerberg said. “If what we’re here to do is help people build relationships, then we need to adjust.”

Is the bastard so deranged that he thinks he  “helps people build relationships” or is he just pissing in our faces with this comment?

I hate the Messianic rhetoric of “cool capitalism.” When capitalists said honestly, “I’m just here to make a profit,” I could respect them. But all this grandiose blabber about changing the world and helping people is beyond disgusting. 


6 thoughts on “Dirty Rotten Bastards”

  1. Having had the misfortune of going to university in Silicon Valley, I am 100% certain that he means every word sincerely. Crazy, for sure.


    1. It’s a way of selling to millennials who are said to want every product to have “a social message.” But FB is not for young people. It’s for oldsters like me who are too cynical to appreciate all this social justice blabber.


  2. He’s trying to find a way to stave off the inevitable irrelevance of his platform. It’s marketing 101 — trying to associate your service or product with a higher level of Maslow’s pyramid of human needs.

    Notice Facebook’s list of acquisitions, including Whatsapp, Oculus VR, and Instagram.


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