Trying to Lose

I just saw an ad for the leading Dem contender for governor. Not only does he have the silly sounding last name of Pritzker, not only is he morbidly obese as if to evoke the image of fat cat billionaires, not only is he a yet another clueless stinky rich guy, he is also phenomenally uncharismatic.

Rauner is very unpopular in the state right now. All we need to get rid of him is a candidate who represents true Dem values. Somebody who doesn’t look completely ridiculous surrounded by welders and school teachers like Pritzker does in this risible ad. Somebody who is a little less entitled. 



6 thoughts on “Trying to Lose”

  1. I just found an ad on youtube….. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Someone needs to tell him to stop shaking his head as he talks about all the great things he’s gonna do…. kind of ruins the effect (only if he stumbles into the nomination maybe that can keep him from winning)

    you weren’t kidding on the ‘no charisma’ front, he makes Hillary seem like Oprah in comparison.

    Poor illinoisians… illinoisites what do you call yourselves?


  2. Please note that NJ Dems nominated a guy from Goldman Sacks and rolled with him. He’s being inaugurated tomorrow. The Pritzkers made a fortune in chemicals/pharma, then sold the business and endowed a science building at UChicago.


  3. Vote for Biss in the primary! His chances are slim, but we have to at least try. Even the Kennedy kid would be a step up from this jackass.


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