This is a very TMO post so if you are a student please reconsider whether you need to be here at all.

The old age is here and it seems like it has turned me into a bona fide stomach sufferer. First, it was the vomiting jags I told you, folks, about. And now I have a horrible upset stomach. I’ve had it since Friday, and it’s intense. I can’t eat anything at all without the direst of consequences. Over-the-counter medications are not helping. I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow but the weirdest thing is that other than this I feel fantastic. Which is why I was sure this would end long before now.

What I don’t get is how one can be so extremely hungry with such an ailment.


13 thoughts on “TMI”

  1. A couple weeks ago I went to the doctor about some chest pains. Turns out I had a blocked artery. They put in a stent a little less than two weeks ago. But, if they hadn’t caught it I could have been looking at a heart attack in the near future.


  2. Most normal people get hungry when their blood sugar drops. Sometimes illnessses depress the appetite. In your case, it doesn’t.


  3. My husband has had serious GI issues for years now (persistent heartburn, frequent stools, the works). It turns out that his upper GI tract is inflamed and shows signs of allergy cells (the GI specialist used that term), which means that there’s something he has been eating regularly and is allergic to, and the only allergy response is within the gut. Live and learn. The husband’s on Omeprazole and we’re waiting to hear what about the darn allergy cells. (Based on my experience with allergists, it’s like an extremely hand-wavy specialty; nothing is conclusive and everything is sort of, try eliminating this then that and see if you feel better. So I don’t think we’re much more illuminated than we were, except that it’s good there’s no ulcer or cancer.)

    Good luck!


    1. “Based on my experience with allergists, it’s like an extremely hand-wavy specialty; nothing is conclusive and everything is sort of, try eliminating this then that and see if you feel better.”

      -Allergies are so specific to the individual person that if the symptoms and source isn’t obvious it can be extremely difficult to diagnose. It seems so hand-wavy because it could be an allergy to something that’s small but in everything, or it could be an allergy to something that isn’t typically labeled as such, or something like that. My friend is allergic to some protein in meat and poultry, which means whatever it is, it could never be labeled because it’s not an additive. There’s no standard allergy test for something like that, either. A specialized test might be able to isolate exactly which protein it is, but that would require a lot of time, specialized research, and money. The Mayo Clinic has specialists who can do that sort of work, but it’s just easier to avoid meat.

      I’m sorry it’s going slow for your husband. Dealing with unknown allergies is a pain. I hope it gets resolved soon.


  4. Gastrointestinal issues are notoriously difficult to diagnose. What you describe sounds a lot like an allergy. My mom had a similar issue when she discovered she was allergic to soy. But it could be just about anything that interrupts the GI flora and cells and whatnot.

    I hope they figure it out soon!


  5. I hate to ask this, because it isn’t any of my business, but could you be pregnant? That’s the only time I otherwise felt fine, but had stomach issues.


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