Culturally Insensitive?

A horrible thought just occurred to me. Was it culturally insensitive of me to schedule Klara’s birthday party for 10-12 am on Sunday? The party is at the kids’ gym, and I thought that morning is better than evening in terms of getting them hopped up on physical activity and treats.

But now I’m thinking, do people normally go to church at this time? I didn’t even think about it when I was choosing the time slot. This is an expensive daycare. Everybody is a doctor or a lawyer, so how religious can they be, right? Or that doesn’t matter?


9 thoughts on “Culturally Insensitive?”

  1. Well, when I was actively practicing medicine, some of my physician friends were misguided enough to be religious.

    As for a religious lawyer — nope, no way. They’d all be going to hell, anyway, if such a mythical place actually existed.


  2. “do people normally go to church at this time?”

    probably yeah, if they go

    “Everybody is a doctor or a lawyer, so how religious can they be, right? Or that doesn’t matter?”

    There are lots of religious professionals in the US.

    This is the midwest…

    The possible problem is that even if they don’t go to church they might not like the implication that you assumed they don’t go to church (or they might not like the idea of being publicly outed as not going to church).


  3. I wouldn’t worry about it, and I am someone who would be at church at that time! You issued the invitation, which is gracious on your part. To be gracious on my part requires me to say “Yes, we’ll be there,” or “No, we can’t make it, but thanks.” I don’t get to criticize you for having a party on your schedule and it wouldn’t even occur to me to do so.


  4. The time is fine. Your religious parents at the daycare who go to church regularly will have asked you where you go to church, and are not subtle.

    Depending on the specialty, doctors will either be on call or making rounds at the hospital(s). If they attempt to cater to busy people, Saturday for office hours is more likely than Sunday. So if you don’t see doctors it’s far more likely for those reasons than scheduling during Mass.

    Lawyers are always running toward making their billable hours.

    Nobody wants to deal with a small child’s party in the evening, especially a Sunday (because school starts on Monday.) The ones that are in the evening are more for the adults than the kids.


    1. Thank you for the support!

      I never talked to a single parent and the daycare. And God knows, I’ve tried. It’s ridiculous because all of the kids know me and love me, I know all their names, they line up to hug and kiss me when I come to get Klara. So the kids are sociable. It’s the parents who can’t do sociability.


  5. Living in the south,, I once accidentally scheduled a child’s party for Easter Sunday (after consciously avoiding passover so there could be cake). After a few people explained why they couldn’t come I did wind up moving it. But no one was insulted. And I think a regular Sunday would be fine.


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